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Ready to Travel In-Style to your next Event via Private Charter Flight?

Traveling by Private Jet to Sports Events, Concerts, and other Major Events has become Popular.

Rennia Aviation offers event packages that include your private jet charter and tickets to the best sporting events, concerts, theatre, and other top event experiences.

In addition to the amenities of private aviation, we provide concierge-services from beginning to end. We handle additional add-on services, including event tickets, on-ground transportation, and onboard dining options.

Explore the updated list of just a few of many exclusive events happening in the following months; whether it's the next MLB All Star Game, the next Boat Show, Festival or the New York Fashion Show, Rennia Aviation will ensure that you attend in style.

List of upcoming Events:

Need to book a Charter Flight for your next trip? Use code ELM for preferred pricing.


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