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The Benefits of Private Jet Charter for Business Travelers

A private charter flight opens up an entirely new realm of travel possibility and convenience for a business person on the go. Occasionally, time becomes money, especially in the case of tenuous domestic and international relations. But, a minute or an hour could make the difference between landing that "big fish" and missing them altogether. So let's dive into why chartering a private jet could be good for your business.

What are the Benefits for Flying Private Jets for Business?

Travel on your own schedule

We've already hinted at this in the introduction to the article, but by far the most significant benefit of chartering a private jet (or a fleet of them) is being able to travel on your own schedule. Traveling first or business class on many commercial liners has gone from great to extravagant over the past few years.

None of them allow you to schedule a flight to your absolute convenience.

Instead of a "luxury" sandwich and a glass of wine, private jet charter offer a range of catering options, comfortable luxury seating, and the privacy of an entire aircraft.

Need a last-minute flight to Puerto Rico and need to arrive before 11:00 PM? Chances are you can find something close, but there are few guarantees. Most likely, you'll find a fight arriving a few hours before or after, which doesn't account for any delays in boarding.

This brings us to the next point in our article.

Skip the Inconveniences of Modern Travel

When flying a private charter- you're not burdened by the endless security checks, check-in times, long lines, and immigration routines that everyday travelers are subject to. Of course, when flying internationally and even domestically, there are certain restrictions and regulations.

But on average, you'll be saving yourself 50% or more of the standard check-in time. Instead of needing to arrive 2 hours before a flight, you can schedule your arrival for 30-45 minutes before your flight.

If you're traveling with a large group, more time may be required, so plan accordingly.

Less Time on the Road and In Traffic

Now, you may be a little confused right now.

How does a private charter save me time on the road? The answer is simple, really. Private charters often have access to small Metro airports closer to your destination city.

Your private charter could let you land only a handful of minutes away instead of needing to land at a major airport 45-60 minutes outside the city. Plus, metro airports are often further away from major roads and traffic choke points, so you'll be saving yourself more than a few minutes in typical airport traffic.

Multiple stops, Even in a Single Day

Have four meetings in four different cities today? No worries!

Even the very best domestic airlines couldn't hope to match the ease with which you can travel between destinations using a private charter. So let's say, for example, you've planned out three stops in a particular day, but a client cancels a meeting.

Even if you're already airborne and enroute to that destination, you can adjust your destination to suit your new plans. Have time for an extended lunch? Why not stop in Boston for some Deep Dish Pizza? Got a relative enroute that you haven't hugged in a while? Or maybe there's a particular sushi restaurant that your staff is enamored with.

You're entirely free to plan your new destination as you please.

Eliminate Distractions

One of the most underrated benefits of a private charter is the optimal working environment. Assuming that you're comfortable with flying and turbulence, then there's very little to prevent you from working optimally once you're in the air.

Even in First or Business Class of a commercial airline, there are often distractions in flight that can't be avoided. Loud headphones, people making requests from the menu, Flight attendants checking on travelers, children- the list goes on.

You control who boards your private charter down to the last person. Suppose one of your staff or friends is playing music a little too loud. In that case, you can ask that they turn it down rather than endure the obnoxious pounding for the duration of a commercial flight.

Decreased Flight Times

When flying a private charter, you're likely to get to your destination faster than a commercial airline. This is because private charters are generally smaller than commercial planes, making them far easier to load and refuel, quickly bringing you into the air.

Since they're smaller, they also have better climb rates than commercial airlines. As a result, you get to cruising altitude faster and travel more efficiently than larger planes.

No Restrictions on Luggage

The only luggage restriction on a private charter is the necessity for clear aisles once the plane is fully loaded. So long as your luggage can fit comfortably on the plane without becoming a hazard during takeoff or landing, you're free to load whatever you want. Always check on capacity with your charter sales associate.

No more picking and choosing which clothing, amenities, or laptops you want to travel with. There aren't even restrictions around liquids coming onboard, so you can hang on to that coffee, mountain dew, or tasty bottle of champagne as you board!

Cost Saving in Medium to Large Parties

Most people associate a private charter with a great deal of additional expense. However, suppose you're traveling with a large party who prefers or intends to travel business class. In that case, a charter may actually end up being more cost-effective than booking ten business class tickets.

Plus, you'll have more freedom, luxury, and comfort than the typical first or business-class accommodations. You'll also have an easier time handling the accounting since you'll have a single invoice to submit instead of several individual expense claims.

Luxury Amenities

Private charters typically offer far more luxury than even the best first-class experiences available on a commercial airline. On a chartered trip, you have the option for your personalized catering and many options not typically available on a commercial aircraft.

Are you interested in learning more about private jet charter? You can read Rennia Aviation's comprehensive FAQ's and get most answers.

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