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The Different Types Of Private Jets: Which One Is Right For You?

Private jets encapsulate all the luxurious aspects of flying, but they aren’t just for the uber-wealthy. Nowadays, flying private is increasingly more accessible and affordable, so more people can take advantage of its numerous benefits. Unfortunately, one crucial step that travelers often overlook is picking the right aircraft. There are many different types of private jets, each with unique features and perks.

Before booking your next private flight, familiarize yourself with the most common types of aircraft so you can better choose which can fit your particular needs, and accommodate everyone in your party.

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What are the different Types of Private Jets?

Very Light Jets

Very light jets (VLJs) are the smallest of all private aircraft. A relatively new and exciting addition to the world of private charters, VLJs are cheaper to operate than other jets, and they can land on shorter runways. For travelers, this means more destination options, instead of being limited to airports with only larger runways. These jets are ideal for solo travelers or parties of 4–7 passengers, depending on the specific type of VLJ, and can fit a moderate amount of luggage.

Small Light Jets

Offering better passenger capacity than VLJs, small light jets can comfortably seat up to eight passengers, making it widely popular among business travelers. These jets also have a higher average flight distance, which makes them ideal for 2–3-hour flights and even for intracontinental routes. Like their smaller counterparts, small light jets can access small airports and runways, giving business travelers more flexibility and freedom. Although most small light jets do not have room for a cabin attendant, they can be outfitted with a lavatory, unlike most VLJs.

Super Light Jets

Super light jets offer more size, range, and comfort than small light jets. With a more spacious cabin and luggage compartment, super light jets can accommodate up to eight passengers comfortably. Though larger, super light jets can also easily navigate short runways at private airstrips and small airports, so travelers who want to avoid the crowds at major airports can have alternative options for departure and arrival.

Midsize Cabin Jets

Midsize jets are the perfect middle-ground for travelers looking to go somewhere farther away. Because these jets have a larger cabin, they’re ideal for passengers who want more headroom, full standing capacity, and additional space for luggage. They generally have enough room for two pilots, a flight attendant, a service galley, and an onboard lavatory. Some can even be outfitted with an enclosed shower and fold-out divans. Equipped with Wi-Fi and phone capabilities, midsize jets are perfect for passengers who prefer to stay connected and productive during flights.

Super Midsize Cabin Jets

With a longer flight time and bigger cabin, super midsize jets are a step above the regular midsize jets. Super midsize jets come with plenty of standing and walking room and have ample space for an enclosed lavatory and service galley. Featuring enhanced avionics that enable a quieter flight, super midsize jets provide a higher comfort level for travelers while delivering greater speed and range.

Heavy Jets

First-class seats, room to stretch your leg, and pull-out tabletops are just a few of the upgrades that heavy jets offer to elite travelers. Featuring significantly larger cabin sizes, heavy jets envelop ten passengers or more in a high level of comfort and elegance, with all the privacy and exclusivity private jets are known for. These jets have more than enough space for entertainment facilities, enclosed bathrooms, and dedicated sleeping areas. In-flight productivity is easier than ever with convenient Wi-Fi and phone capabilities.

Ultra-Long Range Heavy Jets

If you are looking for something even a step above heavy jets, then the ultra-long-range heavy jet class is probably the right choice for your trip. Known for offering the best in private travel, ultra-long-range jets provide generous cabin space with different areas dedicated to dining, work, entertainment, and relaxation. Complete with enclosed bathrooms, lie-flat beds, full-service galley, and a large luggage area, this class of private jets is designed to offer the highest comfort and extravagance for the most exclusive travelers, accommodating an average of 14–17 passengers.

Executive Liners/Bizliners

The crème de la crème of private air travel, executive liners, or bizliners, are commercial aircraft modified for business travel or private use. Featuring a high level of customization, these are the most expensive private jets in the market. From opulent and bespoke interiors to spacious private suites, en-suite showers, and an onboard cocktail lounge, this aircraft class takes elite travel to the next level. Even with all these features, bizliners offer plenty of space for dining areas, conference rooms, overhead storage compartments, walk-in cupboards, and full-service galleys operated by flight attendants. These jets can fly in most weather conditions and traverse greater distances, making them ideal for international travelers.

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