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Jet Off To Your Summer Getaway In Class & Comfort

Whether your destination is a tropical paradise or a remote mountain village, the best way (and some might say the only way) to get there is with a chartered aircraft. In fact, flying private offers more benefits when compared to commercial flying for any travel plan. Enhance the enjoyment and relaxation of your next vacation instead of waiting in bag check lines — contact us for more information on our Florida private jets and rates, and book your flight today!

Skip Time Wasters

No doubt about it — private jet charters beat out commercial flights every time. One of the biggest advantages private jets have over commercial flights is the speed and convenience of travel. You can arrive closer to your flight schedule because you don’t have to wait in lines for bag checks, deal with inconvenient layovers, or lose any sleep or productivity time while aboard, leaving you refreshed and ready to begin your vacation.

A Relaxing Start

There’s nothing quite as frazzling as being in a public airport. People rushing about with seemingly no direction, children screaming, people arguing. What a stressful way to start a vacation! When you fly private, however, you can expect top-notch service, luxury interiors, individualized attention, and more space for yourself, your family, and friends. When you’re on a private charter flight, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip to your destination.

More Time Doing What You Want

Once you've made a reservation with Rennia Aviation, you have nothing else to worry about besides boarding the plane. Once on, you can stretch out, take a refreshing nap, play games with the kids, or chat up friends and family without worrying about being too loud or strangers overhearing your conversations. When you travel by air charter, the vacation begins as soon as you board!

Flights Around Your Schedule

The flexibility of chartering a private plane is second to none! That’s because you’re the top priority. Jets can even be made available with just a few hour’s notice and can wait for you if you're running behind schedule. In some cases, it’s even possible to change your flight plans mid-flight. With this kind of flexibility, you can spend more time relaxing and less time worrying about making it to your destination!

Less Stress

Need more reasons to fly charter? Eliminate the unnecessary stress of lost luggage, crabby passengers, long lines, flight transfers or delays, and grueling security checks. When you book a private jet, all the typical stress of air travel is gone!

Ready for your next vacation? Check out our aircraft, and contact our charter flight company today to rent a private jet for your summer getaway!

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