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What To Look For When Choosing A Charter Jet Membership

Many people tend to view taking a charter jet as the height of luxury where you can relax with an entire cabin to yourself, work, or dine on gourmet food. Whether traveling for business, pleasure, or both, the sky's the limit as to what a charter jet membership can do for you. If you find yourself chartering an aircraft several times a year, a charter card can save you the hassle of finding a plane and negotiating rates each time you want to fly.

At Rennia Aviation, the charter jet membership allows you to land closer to your destination in comfort and style along with countless other benefits. Below, Rennia Aviation outlines what you should be looking for when choosing a charter jet membership.

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Pilot & Staff Experience

As the charter flight continues to grow, many new companies are popping up, but this doesn’t mean the pilots and staff that they employ are all experts in the charter flight industry. It is important to ask the charter company about the experience of their pilots and staff. The company should be happy to explain where its pilots and staff come from and why they can be trusted to fly you where you would like to go.

Availability & Flexibility

Do you have a hectic schedule that makes it difficult to fly commercially? A charter company with a larger fleet will more than likely be able to accommodate your flying needs, as they might not have enough availability regularly. They also might not be large or reliable enough for any last-minute changes, while most will be willing to help out when they can.

Reputation & Partnerships

A charter jet company with a long list of reliable sources and reviews is more likely to provide you with the best charter jet experience possible. If you can’t find any mention of the company anywhere, even with the Federal Aviation Authority, you can fall victim to a scam that is out for your money.


In order to legally operate, pilots, aircraft mechanics, aerospace engineers, and air traffic controllers all have to be licensed. This can ensure that this company is taking all the steps necessary to keep their passengers safe both on the ground and in the air. The Federal Aviation Authority has to approve every charter company and charter jet company and will turn down any business that isn’t able to prove its reliability.

Fleet Size & Diversity

If you are planning to go somewhere where a small plane is necessary, a commercial airline might not be able to help you. A charter jet membership can give you access to a larger variety of aircraft, but the company will only be able to help if they already have access to these smaller aircraft. Before choosing a charter company to go with, make sure to ask the company about the size and diversity of its fleet.

Exceptional Maintenance Protocols

Pre-flight checks and regular maintenance are required by law. The FAA and the Air Charter Association of America have high maintenance standards for the care of any aircraft designed to carry passengers. The charter jet membership company should be able to explain its maintenance and safety procedures in detail when asked. If they cannot tell you or you think they are being secretive about their procedure, they may be hiding an increased risk for accidents.

Flight Destination Options

Due to smaller airstrips, politically contentious countries, or unreliable weather, some charter jet companies may be unable to accommodate unique flight destinations as they can create an increased risk to the safety of passengers. This can be avoided by partnering with a company that can fly almost anywhere or is partnered with another company that can.

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