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Afraid Of Flying? Try These Tips To Fly Without Fear

It’s indisputable — flying is a safe, fast, and convenient method of travel. MIT even did a study proving that flying is safer now than it’s ever been. But those statistics don't make flying any less scary for some people, who wonder how they can manage their fears of flying or overcome those fears. Thankfully, there are several tips to try for a better flying experience.

Don’t let fear keep you grounded! Chartering a private jet through Rennia Aviation is not only safe but can afford relaxing privacy for anyone who may be uncomfortable feeling anxious in front of others.

Are you scared of flying? Here are some helpful tips for you:

Learn About Your Flight

Alleviate concerns regarding the aircraft by learning about it and reading up on all of its safety features. Our aircraft are inspected regularly and feature an array of standard safety features. Additionally, we boast a team of professionals with years of experience in the industry who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your chartered aircraft or our maintenance procedures. There are dozens of reasons to fly charter that can help put your mind at ease — such as meeting the pilot and flight crew.

Avoid Agitators

Certain views, sounds, smells, and other sensory events can induce anxiety, but the good news is that you can plan ahead for the ones that affect you the most. Think about what worries you while you’re flying — heights? air sickness? — and formulate a plan ahead of traveling. It’s often these moments that we fear and our mind easily exaggerates the perceived threats when anxious or fearful. Avoiding agitators when flying commercially can be difficult, but chartering a private jet can help alleviate or eliminate some of those agitators.

Before you fly, identify possible and known agitators and then create solutions for them. If you become airsick, there are over-the-counter medications and other resources available to minimize nausea. If you’re scared of heights or the view makes you think unpleasant thoughts, sit next to the aisle and bring something to hold your attention, such as a book or a tablet with offline games. Additionally, avoid consuming sugar and caffeine, which can increase feelings of anxiety and stress.

Try Calming Exercises

Long, deep breaths with a steady inhalation and exhalation ratio can create a calming effect. It may sound like magic, but there’s actual science behind it. Sometimes called parasympathetic breathing, this type of mindful breathing helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps to calm fears, reduce anxiety, and quiet fearful thoughts. Of course, it’s not a cure-all, and practicing breathing before a flight is encouraged.

Meditation is recommended because it allows your mind to focus and can be done anywhere: Sit or lie in a comfortable position that doesn’t inhibit breathing and close your eyes. Think of a place where you are calm and relaxed, which could be a place you know or one you make up in your mind. Take a long, deep breath in through your nose and exhale slowly from your mouth. What do you hear and smell? Keep breathing in the same manner. Now bring your thoughts back to the present moment of where you are sitting (keep your eyes closed!). Repeat the steps of long, deep breaths and when you notice that your mind has wandered, bring your attention back to focus on the present. That’s it!

Fly Charter

Despite taking precautions, you still might be worried about having a panic attack mid-flight. For many people, the fear of having an episode in front of others only adds to the discomfort of flying. Chartered planes on the other hand afford privacy you can’t find on commercial flights — you may be the only one aboard aside from the pilot and crew. This luxury is only found when chartering a plane and is well worth the worry-free experience. Fear should never keep you from reaching your goals, and we’re happy to help all of our passengers find a little bit of extra comfort and courage however we can.

Seek Professional Help

If mind tricks and breathing techniques aren’t cutting it, you may need to seek professional help for aviophobia. A licensed professional will be able to treat the root of your fear and find the best solutions to ease your nerves whenever you have to fly. There’s no shame in seeking help, especially if you’ve tried managing your fears on your own with limited or no success.

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