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A First-Time Flyers Guide To Private Jets

Once seen as an unobtainable luxury, charter flights have become a convenient and affordable option for frequent flyers. Whether you travel for work or leisure, you’re sure to understand the inconveniences that come with flying commercial — long waits, cramped spaces, mediocre food, hidden fees, and many more accompanying issues. Still, many flyers have never considered private jets to get to their destinations, but now more than ever, flying private is a viable option over more traditional methods of travel.

If this is your first time embarking into the world of private charter flights, check out this guide by Rennia Aviation.

For additional information regarding Rennia Aviation's available charter jets or to schedule a private flight, contact their friendly team today!

Consider How Much Space You Need

When flying commercial, passengers are limited in space between fellow flyers, overhead space for storage, and space to move around the cabin. These factors can be frustrating to deal with, especially for those who work on the go or prefer a bit more privacy when they travel. Flying private affords travelers the option to have as much or as little space as they need for themselves and their passengers. Offering a wide selection of private jets, Rennia aviation can provide you with an ideal transportation option for your party, no matter how many guests you have. Better yet, depending on the size of the aircraft, passengers can bring along more luggage than a traditional flight would allow.

Know Your Terminal’s Location

A great benefit of choosing to fly private is having access to private terminals. Some of these terminals may even be at smaller airports, meaning passengers can beat the crowds and skip the lengthy hassle of going through ticket services and airport security. In many cases, those who chose to fly private can also gain access to private waiting areas while waiting for their flight to finish preparing for takeoff. Before heading to the airport, be sure to communicate with our charter company to ensure you know where in the airport you need to go. Don’t fret if you get caught in traffic or can’t find the terminal — just notify our pilots and staff of the delays, and we’ll accommodate to your new departure time.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Private charter flights allow passengers to tailor their flight experience to their own preferences. From unique in-flight meals to in-flight entertainment, our pilots and staff can accommodate our passengers’ needs more than a commercial airline can. If any passengers have dietary restrictions, or if any passengers prefer to be left alone during the flight duration, let our staff know before takeoff. We’ll work diligently to fulfill these requests. We can also accommodate changes in schedule return and departure dates, if necessary. Whether during, before, or after the flight, our staff and pilots are happy to work with our passengers, so never be afraid to ask if you have any questions or requests!

Choose A Reputable Charter Company

When choosing to fly private instead of commercial, passengers should expect a high-quality experience and well-trained staff and pilots to make the trip a smooth one. By working with Rennia Aviation, our passengers can expect a high level of comfort and luxury from our air charter service. Using the latest safety practices and training measures for our staff and crew, passengers can rest easy knowing that they’re in good hands for their flight. Start planning your next getaway and get in touch with us today to schedule a charter flight!

Check out Rennia Aviation's comprehensive FAQ page for more in-depth Charter Flight-related information.

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