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7 Reasons Families Prefer Charter Flights

Many consider charter flights to be an indulgence reserved for uber-wealthy business executives. However, there’s a different group of people discovering that private jet charters offer a time-saving, cost-efficient, stress-reducing alternative to commercial flights: families!

Between waiting in long security lines, making mad dashes to assigned gates, and being squeezed into cramped seating separated from family — commercial flights can be stressful. We at Rennia Aviation believe family vacations should be stress-free. As such, we have compiled a few reasons why families will prefer (and benefit from) skipping traditional airlines for luxury charter flights.

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Fly On Your Time

No more settling for red-eye flights or waking the family at the crack of dawn to make sure everyone is packed. Flying in a charter jet means leaving in accordance with your family’s schedule. What’s more, unlike commercial airlines, we won’t take off without you. Rest easy the night before — even sleep in — knowing whether or not the kids finished packing yesterday, there’s no risk of missing your flight.

No Long Lines

Skip those long winding security lines by booking a private jet charter. The TSA, particularly in recent years, have become notorious for generating flight delays and even causing travelers to miss flights altogether. However, for families who fly private, these worries are a thing of the past. Make no mistake, we still employ stringent and practical security measures, but there are no waits, lines, and no chance of delays.

Unique Catered Meals

Have a picky eater in the family? No worries! Personalized meals tailored to individual tastes are but one, among many, of the membership perks afforded by our Jet Card Program. Indulging in delicious food and beverage is essential to maximizing vacation enjoyment — and bagged peanuts are far from indulgence. Simply inform our team what your desired dining arrangement is, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Personalized Entertainment

Commercial airlines have limited options for passing the time, which is why most travelers opt to sleep through their flights. Conversely, we believe flying on our charter planes should be an exciting part of the vacation experience — fun can begin the moment you step aboard. Bring the whole family’s favorite movies, shows, and games, and spend time doing what you love on the way to your destination.

Pets Can Come Along

When we say the family deserves a vacation — we mean the whole family! Your pets miss you when you’re away, and we know you miss them. Hence why our charter airlines provide accommodations for our travelers’ furry friends to come along. For additional information concerning flying with pets, such as required documentation and paperwork, or any other details about our available aircraft and services, please contact us.

Easy & Safe Luggage Transportation

Spending hours hounding airline personnel to track down missing luggage (only to discover your belongings ended up in an entirely different timezone) is a tale as old as — well, commercial airlines. Consider those tales cautionary and, instead, ensure everyone’s belongings make it to their destination by booking a private flight.

In-Flight Family Bonding

Family vacations are about one thing: family. Maximize the quality time spent with cherished loved ones by making the most of our private jet services. Bonding is rooted in the sharing of new experiences. For children who haven’t flown before, their first time in the skies will be an experience they will never forget. Don’t lose out on being a part of that by letting a traditional airline assign your seats. Enjoy being close and growing closer by booking one of our private charter flights for your family’s next vacation.

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