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5 Common Private Jet Myths Debunked

Not many people have had the luxury of experiencing a private jet charter firsthand. Because of this, a majority of the public’s perception of private jet charters are shaped by what they see depicted in movies and TV. Of course, popular culture doesn’t always represent things accurately, and there are many misleading myths, rumors, and falsehoods out there about the jet chartering experience. So, to help clear the air about private jets and the chartering experience, at Rennia Aviation are debunking five of the most common myths about private charter flights.

What are private jet charter myths?

Private Flights Are Only For The Uber-Rich

There is no greater misconception about private jets than the myth that they are a commodity reserved for ultra-wealthy celebrities and business executives. The truth is, private jet charters aren’t exclusively for the uber-rich. While, yes, many wealthy individuals do fly private, the surprising affordability of charter flights makes them just as well-suited to families and friend groups looking to travel in style. In particular, light jets are remarkably inexpensive travel experiences for groups going on a short trip.

Charter Jets Are Slower Than Commercial Airlines

Au contraire mon ami, flying private is just as fast — if not faster — than traveling via commercial airlines. Simply because private airlines are smaller operations than commercial ones doesn’t mean they’re slower. Skip out on long security lines, avoid delays, and take a more direct route from point A to point B by flying private. Also, some believe that since commercial airliners have larger engines, they fly at swifter speeds than private jets. Not so! In fact, the light frame of a private jet allows it to reach far more expeditious velocities than a commercial plane. Private jets are the fastest planes in the sky.

Charter Flights Are Unsafe

The brand names of commercial airlines are generally more well-known than those of charter airlines. This familiarity breeds a sense of trust and comfort, leading people to believe commercial airlines are somehow safer than charter flights. Rest assured knowing safety is our top priority here at Rennia Aviation. By law, private jets must adhere to stringent rules and regulations, as well as pass comprehensive inspections. We even take precautions other air carriers forego, such as regularly conducting internal and external audits of our safety and business practices.

Booking A Charter Flight Is Complicated

You may have heard that booking a commercial flight is simpler than booking a private one. However, this is not the case. Sure, someone attempting to book a private flight for the very first time might find the process to be a bit complex, but the same can be said of anyone’s first attempt at something. Fortunately, we have a dedicated customer service team here at Rennia Aviation who are available 24/7 to answer any questions first-time flyers may have during the booking process.

Travel Options Are Limited For Private Airlines

Quite the opposite! Not only can private jets fly into major airports, but they have the option of landing in smaller airports as well. In truth, flying commercially limits your travel options to a far greater degree than traveling privately does. Plus, landing in a smaller airfield means you won’t have to deal with the time-consuming hassle of navigating a large, crowded airport. Furthermore, depending on where you’re traveling, flying private may even allow you to land closer to your final destination. Flying private gets you closer to your destination faster.

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