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Air Charter Company Rennia Aviation acquires Dumont Jets

Fast-growing private charter jet company Rennia Aviation, based in Gainesville, Florida, proudly announces the acquisition of Dumont Aviation’s aircraft charter division.

As a result of the deal, finalized on Feb.1 with Wilmington, Delaware-based Dumont Jets, the company will become the Rennia Group. Combining its existing aircraft with Dumont’s jets, the group’s total fleet will number 34 jets, including a large Falcon 2000 fleet.

The company offers jets ranging from light, mid, super-mid and heavy sizes to meet a wide range of passenger travel needs.

Company founder and CEO Ed Rennia said the merger will allow his company to expand its “tip to tail” customer service to a broader clientele while remaining consistent with its defining principles.

For Rennia, a hands-on leader who remains involved in nearly every aspect of the business and retains his own pilot’s license, those principles are underscored by the company’s signature commitment to providing unrivaled, personalized customer service to valued clients who have a need or a desire to fly privately.

“I’ve always said our goal was never to be the biggest, but to be the best,” said Rennia, who started his business in 2015 with only four salaried employees, three contract pilots and two aircraft — a Falcon 20 and a Citation II. “We’ve grown more than I could have anticipated when we first started the business, but we’ve done so carefully and strategically. Our customers and our employees will always come first.”

As of Feb. 1, The Rennia Group boasts 200 employees.

Rennia said his team is extremely selective when it comes to decision making at all levels. The acquisition of Dumont Jets reflected careful consideration of both companies’ strengths and how best to leverage them to create a product greater than the sum of its parts. “We have built a great company, and we look forward to continuing to make it better,” Rennia said.

In addition to its charter jet service, the company offers aircraft management and maintenance to jet owners, along with sales and acquisitions expertise.

For more information about the Rennia Group, visit


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