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6 Advantages Of Chartering A Private Jet

For many, hearing the words “private jet” brings to mind flashes of a luxurious travel experience. Custom-tailored service, decadent food, an elegant atmosphere, peace-of-mind, and quality time spent together with friends and family. Others, however, hear the same words and may picture an empty wallet or burning pile of cash. After all, private flights are often depicted as an indulgence reserved for high-earning executives and celebrities. Nevertheless, private jet rentals can be more affordable than you might think. Not to mention, all the time saved and convenient advantages of flying private can make spending a bit extra worthwhile. Below, Rennia Aviation outlines a few of the top reasons to consider flying private the next time you need to travel. Contact our private jet company today to book a charter flight!

What are the Advantages of Chartering a Private Jet?

Supreme Privacy Commercial flights are generally crowded, noisy, and difficult to relax on. It’s exhausting just to think about, right? Well, on a private jet charter, you’ve got full control of the passenger list. No more worrying about who you’ll be sitting next to, praying you’ll get a window seat, or whether or not a crying baby will ruin any chance of a restful flight. Chartering a private jet allows you to enjoy traveling solely in the company of your loved ones. Better yet, no crowded terminals or loungers! The privacy you’re afforded on a charter flight is unmatched by any other traveling experience.

Unparalleled Accessibility Think of all the times you’ve had to arrive hours in advance to a commercial airport, stand in lengthy security lines, and then sprint from the check-in desk to your terminal just to discover there’s been a last-minute delay. Frustrating, stress-inducing, and a tiny bit annoying. Conversely, those who choose to fly private benefit from the time-saving accessibility granted by a charter airline. You practically get your own airport! No more jumping through hoops just to reach your flight. Simply arrive when it’s convenient to you, breeze through a quick and easy security check, and you’ll be ready to go!

Refreshing Hospitality Commercial airline employees work long, hard hours and deal with hundreds of people daily. Because of this, they won’t always have the time and energy to ensure you enjoy a comfortable flight. However, on a private jet charter, everyone knows your name! We at Rennia Aviation pride ourselves on our customer service and have the ability to dedicate ourselves entirely to your comfort. For a refreshing bit of hospitality, consider flying private next time you have to travel!

Commodious Personalization Friendly faces aren’t the only things that make flying private more comfortable. You also get an experience personalized to your unique tastes — and we’re not just talking about the catered meals and your favorite in-flight entertainment. One of the greatest perks of flying private is getting to select a charter aircraft that fits your needs and accommodates everyone in your party. Need a flight that offers Wi-Fi, entertainment facilities, ample storage space, or even a conference room? Flying private allows you to pick an aircraft complete with your must-have features!

Pets Can Come Along Nobody likes to leave their pets home alone for days at a time, so many prefer to let them travel with them. Unfortunately, flying commercially with a pet can be nerve-wracking for both you and your pet, as they’ll likely be separated from you during the flight. On a private jet, though, your pet can sit right beside you! A private flight will be more enjoyable for you and your pet since you’re able to spend it together.

Total Control Over Your Schedule Flying commercially means leaving when convenient for the airline, not when it’s convenient for you. You’ll be entirely dependent on their schedule, perhaps even have to cancel an appointment or miss a day of work just to make a flight. However, on a private flight, you get to make the schedule: no more inconvenient flights, layovers, or late arrivals. We’ll leave and arrive where and when it’s convenient for you.

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