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Flying doesn’t have to be a hassle; commercial airlines require travelers to jump through a myriad of security hoops and wait for hours on end in lines and at terminals, only to end up in cramped quarters with other passengers.

Charter flights provide individuals the privilege to travel in style with comforts traditional flights can’t offer.

See how our private jet company takes jet-setting to the next level, and start flying private today.



For those that love to work on-the-go, commercial airlines are less than ideal. Other passengers are always walking, talking, and even peering over your shoulder as you work, limiting privacy and personal boundaries when flying commercial. Choosing a private jet rental affords passengers the peace and quiet one would expect from luxury travel. For those wanting to be left alone, our staff and crew accommodate guests to ensure they are left undisturbed for the duration of their flight. Once you arrive at your destination, all personal belongings can easily be transferred from the plane to a private car — meaning no waiting in line for baggage and no chance of misplaced luggage.


Hoping for availability on a last-minute flight is a thing of the past. With private flights, you and your fellow guests are treated like VIPs throughout the trip and can take off only when everyone is on board. Running behind due to a business meeting that ran late? Not a problem — notify our pilots and staff to postpone departure to accommodate any delays that may have occurred. Many of our aircraft are even capable of flying to smaller airports closer to your destination, avoiding the larger, more chaotic terminals where traditional commercial flights go. Whether flying on a short domestic trip or an overnight international excursion, Rennia Aviation handles the finer details of the flight requirements, allowing you and any additional guests to sleep, relax, or work in comfort without worry.



Taking a commercial flight means arriving at the airport hours before departure, standing in several long lines, navigating boarding passes, gates, and security, taking off shoes, and having airport staff rummage through your personal belongings — an invasion of privacy. With a private jet charter, there’s no need to sacrifice time or privacy for the sake of travel. For those who choose to fly private, you’ll have access to private terminals, and in many cases, you can be chauffeured straight to the landing area of the aircraft. No lines, no waiting, no baggage issues. Passengers with Rennia Aviation can expect increased storage areas and additional baggage allowance, so bringing extra outfits or that set of golf clubs is no hassle.


It’s your trip, so shouldn’t everything fit your wants and needs? Premium members with Rennia Aviation can expect additional membership perks to help tailor the flight to their preferences. Passengers can have it all: unique catered meals, in-flight entertainment matching their tastes, and the perfect jet to fit their transportation needs. Whether traveling solo or with a large group, we have a multitude of private planes to accommodate any needs passengers might have. With Rennia Aviation, guests can depart on their own schedule and return home when the time is right. Ready to travel on your own schedule in lavish comfort even first-class airlines can’t achieve? Contact our aircraft management company today and start traveling the way it was always meant to be.

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