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Jet Charters Are More Affordable Than You Might Think

For many travelers, flying private might seem like a luxury reserved for wealthy families, CEOs, and political leaders — but that is simply not the case. While charter flights were once a symbol of social status, nowadays charter flights are a convenient option for the frequent flyer. For millionaires and budget-travelers alike, private flights can be a more reliable, safe, and affordable alternative to flying commercial.

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No Surprise Fees

Unlike pre-scheduled commercial flights, which can include a plethora of hidden fees, our private jet rentals use a straightforward membership pricing system. For the convenience of our travelers, we use flat-rates according to the chosen aircraft, without any membership or luggage dues. There are also no long-term commitments to fly with us. In the event, a client is no longer able to travel, they may simply stop service without paying a cancellation fee.

Land Closer To Your Destination

Have you ever had to book a flight to an airport farther from your intended destination because it was cheaper? When flying private, travelers can select the airport that is most convenient for their needs. Our prices do not change drastically based on airport size, so travelers can feel free to fly to smaller, regional airports without paying twice as much. Landing closer to your destination can also help save money on unexpected expenses, such as ground transportation and overnight stays.

Saved Time, Saved Money

Most travelers who fly commercial know to arrive at the airport several hours before departure to account for long lines at the gate and TSA-related complications. The wait time gets even worse when traveling internationally or during peak travel dates. With private flights, there is no need to waste time waiting in line for hours, or negotiating at the airport kiosk. Our travelers can depart on their own schedule and return at their convenience.

Flexible Air Traveling

Rescheduling a commercial flight can be a complicated and expensive process. Not only are travelers typically subject to absurdly-high cancellation fees (which are often the same price as the plane ticket itself), but they must also often deal with the additional fees required to book a second flight close to the departure date. When renting a private jet, there is no need to worry about breaking the bank because of schedule changes. We offer travelers convenience and flexibility and will prioritize and work around any unexpected changes to a traveler’s flying schedule.

Fewer Interruptions

Long layovers are not only comfortable and frustrating they can also cost travelers money. Just like waiting in line, waiting at the airport is wasted time. Flying private allows travelers to design their flights to their needs. Whether you’re a business traveler whose job depends on making it to a meeting on time or you’re on vacation after waiting for so long to take time off work, charter flights make sure you get to your destination on time with no interruptions. Travel alone or with friends and family without ever worrying about misplaced luggage, or paying for schedule changes, flight delays, and cancellations.

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