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Bob Cox takes the yoke at Rennia Aviation Industry leader moves into vp, director of operations

Industry leader moves into vice president, director of operations role at Gainesville, Fla. Private aviation charter flight company

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (April 25, 2022) —

Rennia Aviation owner Ed Rennia is pleased to announce Bob Cox has been named vice president of flight operations and director of operations.

"Cox has already proved to be an asset to our rapidly growing operation," Rennia said. "His talent, experience and track record of maintaining highly successful programs under his care made him an exceptional candidate. I look forward to seeing how far he can soar in his new role at Rennia Aviation."

"As vice president of flight operations and director of operations for Rennia Aviation, I am tasked with the overall responsibility of our aircraft, pilots and crewmembers along with oversight of the maintenance and security of all of our aircraft," Cox said.

The role will be instrumental as Rennia Aviation looks to the horizon as chartered flights become more commonplace as the preferred way to fly post-pandemic.

"I was truly honored to have Ed and Alicia (Rennia) ask me to join the team and assist Rennia Aviation to grow into a major force in the industry," Cox said. "I love the challenges – and every once in a while – enjoy the ability to fly really spectacular airplanes."

And not being one to stop moving forward, Cox has already outlined a plan for growing the company.

"My roadmap for the future is to help lead Rennia Aviation into becoming a world-class aviation enterprise," Cox said. "I want people in the industry to think first of this amazing firm as a premier private aviation leader.”

Offering on-demand charter flight services is the company's bread and butter, but he sees exceptional service as being a significant factor as well.

"To that point, Rennia Aviation has a better product," Cox said. "We don't just offer first-class service, we bring 'Platinum' service to the forefront of the corporate aviation industry."

For Cox, the new position is only the latest in a long line in his storied history with aviation.

"I started flying at the age of 12 with my uncle who had a T6 Texan (a WWII era airplane)," he said. "It was a great experience for a young boy who had watched Sky King on TV growing up."

From that young age, he was hooked, receiving a pilot's license at 16 and continuing to fly whenever possible.

And it's not just the length of his experience that is impressive, the diversity of his service is notable as well.

"I had the opportunity to fly as a ‘Bush pilot’ in Alaska in the early 70s and had a great time there, gaining a tremendous amount of experience in different airplanes," Cox said.

His first commercial flying job was out of the regional airport in Manhattan, Kan., flying Cessna 207's and 402's between Kansas City, Topeka, Kan. and Manhattan.

"After that, my commercial piloting career had me flying cargo in Beech 18's, Turbine Beech 18's, and DC3's," he said. "From there, I flew Twin Otters for a commuter."

And in 1980, Cox was selected by Piedmont airlines to start in their new Boeing 737 class.

"I successfully completed that training and flew for Piedmont – which became USAirways, and ultimately American Airlines – for 25 years," he said.

Outside the cockpit, during his career he spent a considerable amount of time consulting on airline security and anti-terrorism issues, training with Federal Air Marshals, FBI SWAT and Israeli security teams.

He also had the honor of testifying to Congress twice, shortly after 9/11, on security screening issues and aircraft security, before moving to corporate aviation.

Cox currently holds ratings on the B737, Falcon 50/900, Citation XLS, Citation 500 and has Letters of Authority for the Russian L39 and the MiG-17.

Along with his commercial experience, he is also known on the air show circuit after flying as an airshow pilot from 2002 through 2014.

"During that time, I flew over 150 airshows in the T6 Texan and the Russian L39," Cox said.

But now, he is happy to bring his experience to help Rennia Aviation become the best in its class.

"We are beyond excited to see Cox excel in his new role," Rennia said.

For more about Rennia Aviation, visit the company's website, renniaaviation.com.

The company also maintains a presence on social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram

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