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Traveling on a Private Jet to Your Next Event!

If you're flying to high-profile events, it is recommended that you book your trip weeks in advance. Private jets have increased dramatically with popular events such as the Super Bowl, Masters' Tournament, and Fashion Shows. It is advisable to plan your travel in advance so there are no significant disappointments or inconveniences itinerary-wise. 

Important points to be familiar with when chartering a private jet for an upcoming event:

Flying into a city where major events occur can make traveling planning more difficult. Logistical planning, such as obtaining landing permits and other items that generally only take a few days, can now take much longer due to the additional implemented requirements from the airports during increased traffic days.

Most airports don't have departure and arrival time slots if you are flying on a private jet. If there is higher than average demand for that day, your flight must respect restrictions implemented during busy times. Unfortunately, most airports won't confirm airport slots or aircraft parking until close to the event. Often it may not be possible for the aircraft to remain on the ground while you are attending an event which can cause additional charges and delays for departure after coming back from the event. 

Hotels and transport services become limited during any heavily attended event. Once you arrive at the airport, you rely on local ground service providers to get you to the hotel or event. We are here to help with the reservations, but be prepared: availability will become scarce as the big event approaches. 

In addition, Pilots must conduct all flight-related operations within 14 hours. If you plan to attend the event and return home on the same day, crew duty restrictions will have to be considered. 

Your charter coordinator will discuss times and options so you can make the best decision for your trip.

To help ensure a smooth travel experience, we recommend that you plan event trips about three weeks or somewhere between four and six weeks in advance.

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