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The first and last impression are the people on our TEAM! 

Our employees make EVERYONE FEEL special via their incredible energy.

We truly can say that our employees are honest, loyal, hardworking, intelligent, respectful, and kindhearted, which reflects in every interaction with our clients and teammates.

Above the Clouds

Employee Reviews

  • I really enjoy working for Rennia Aviation. I appreciate the owners ongoing support and fairness to all their employees, as well as their willingness to allow me to be creative and try/implement new ideas. Co-workers are all very nice, caring and support each other.


  • Rennia Aviation has been doing a remarkable job these past month, especially Ed and Dan. Great place to be a Pilot.

  • Working for Rennia Aviation has been best job I EVER had

  • The addition of Dan W. was one of the main reasons I decided to accept a position with Rennia, over other offers I had.  I am truly looking forward to flying for Rennia and becoming a viable member of our team!

  • I love that we are a team. No matter the issue, everyone works together to ensure that we all prosper.

  • They are willing to work with you were you are when you're hired.

  • Great company with the love of a family business and the opportunity for the top of the industry.  I love every minute of what I do at Rennia Aviation.

  • A great schedule 14 days On, 14 Days OFF!  Industry pay rates, Very nice employees, owner, Ed,  is also a Captain! Home based, per diem Nice work environment!

  • I love working for Rennia Aviation because as a new hire everyone was very welcoming and helpful. This company strives to make you feel like family! I have also never seen a company treat their customers better than they do at Rennia Aviation.

  • I like working for Rennia Aviation because it is a company that gets excited about a vision and never gives up.  I have been with Rennia Aviation for almost 5 years.  The growth that I have witnessed is amazing!  It keeps my job exciting and I have truly enjoyed meeting and working with our new employees.

  • Coming on as a lower time First Officer, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how long I would stay before moving on. After a year flying on the Citation fleet, I expressed my interest to fly larger cabin aircraft. Over the course of my first year, I had worked as hard as I could to represent our companies’ values while doing the job to the best of my abilities. Top level management surely took note of this and horned my request. In December of 2020, Rennia Aviation had acquired its first Falcon 2000, and in January of 2021, I was sent to CAE and was given a PIC type Rating in the aircraft. I have now been working at Rennia Aviation for just over two years and I couldn’t be happier. Working here makes me feel like I am part of an extended family. I have been directly involved with helping the company grow during my time here and this year we have more then doubled in size since I was hired. There is plenty of opportunity for long term growth with Rennia Aviation and I am excited to see what the future holds for our family! We have great plans for growth and would love you all to be a part of it!

  • When I first came to Rennia Aviation, I had 600 hours total time and 30 hours multi. Since then I’ve accrued over 1175 hours in just over a year and a half under the watch of very experienced PICs that have done everything from flying freight, to air ambulance, to the airlines. If you love to fly, this is the place to be. The one thing I love most, is if I have a question about any system, SOP, or anything else about aviation, someone is always willing to answer. As an SIC, you will not be only doing gear and flaps, but you are a PIC in training. You will get valuable stick time, and also lots of other valuable experience. –

  • I love working for Rennia Aviation because of the work relationships I build with brokers and retail clients. I work with a great group of people who are more like family. Working for Rennia Aviation is exciting and never the same from day to day. This company truly cares about its employees and strives to exceed expectations o

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